The PTA Council (PTAC) of New Rochelle consists of its own Executive Committee (PTAC officers) and its members also include all PTA unit Presidents and SEPTA presidents and one PTAC Representative from each PTA unit within the City School District of New Rochelle and one from SEPTA. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian G. Osborne attends all meetings, at which time he provides a Superintendent’s Update.

It is expected that one person from each unit will attend all monthly meetings, which generally take place at New Rochelle High School.   PTAC meetings serve as a roundtable for member units to discuss happenings within individual schools as well as issues that face parents districtwide.  Advocacy efforts are organized by PTAC,  sometimes concerning PTA issues in New York State in general but also surrounding issues that pertain to New Rochelle in particular.

PTAC meetings present opportunities for guest speakers from Central Administration or community organizations. They also serve as a forum for cross-district discussion and collaboration. In as large a district as New Rochelle, it is important for parent leaders to have time to listen to one another and exchange ideas.  PTAC Representatives are charged with providing updates about their units, while also updating their units about PTAC happenings after the meeting.

The PTAC President and President-elect serve as the official conduit between the PTAs and the Superintendent of Schools and the Trustees of the Board of Education.  They are charged with making official statements on behalf of PTA members districtwide.  These officers meet monthly with the Superintendent, to present him with each unit’s concerns.  Dr. Osborne then addresses these concerns during the monthly PTAC meeting, so that the shared information benefits all members.