Melissa Cancro
Westchester East Putnam Region Membership Chair
July 28, 2015

***Please share this with your Membership Chairperson***

Hi all!
For those who are new, I'm Melissa Cancro, Westchester East Putnam Region Membership Chair. I'm here to help with any membership questions or concerns that you have.  I will be e-mailing throughout the year with information and reminders about upcoming deadlines.  We had 25 members from our region attend the NYS PTA's Summer Leadership Conference that was held in Utica this past weekend.
Update on the Online Membership
I would first like to say that this roll out has not been ideal for anyone. There are circumstances beyond NYS PTA's control that have created this situation.  We are going to all have to work together and make the best of some challenging circumstances. We'll also need lots of patience. We are parents.  We overcome circumstances beyond our control everyday.  We can do this!  
Right now, we have a basic online membership system.  Once they can get some of more advance features into this system, this will be a great tool especially for the units who did not have an online system. You will be able to blast information via e-mail and text directly to your members.  NYS PTA also will be open to feedback once they get everything off the ground. This is a great opportunity to be involved in the process.
This is a quick update on membership.  I'm working on my information for our Summer Training and the website.  I'll have more e-mails and information out soon.  I have just received this information so I'm doing my best to process it myself and then be able to put comprehensive and instructive materials together.
* The new system will go live on September 1st.
* A Form A (also know as an Annual Unit/Council Update) must be filled out or your unit will not be able to get a link to your unit's online membership data or any information from NYS PTA.  They do not want to waste money on postage to send to an old listed President who may or may not pass the information along to the next President.  Information gets lost this way.  All units that have not filled out their Form As have been contacted multiple times by myself, Antoinette and if you are part of a Council by your Council Presidents. If you have not received an e-mail, your unit is fine. Here's a quick link to that Form -
* If you know who your Membership Dhair is, please enter that information here  If you haven't appointed a membership chair, please fill out this information as soon as possible after the chair has been appointed.   Otherwise the membership chair will be very limited on what they can do.
*The reason for the updated Form A and the membership chair info is that each officer in your Form A plus the membership chair will receive a link to their individual online membership portal.  This will have the unit's membership information.  These individuals can add members, edit information, track goals, etc.  The membership data can be downloaded to excel.  It is IMPORTANT that this link be KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.  Units, your membership lists can not be used for any purpose other than PTA events and information.
* Some units are already starting their membership campaigns.  Until the system goes live, you will just continue to collect memberships the way you have always done it. Once the new system is in place, you will enter your members into the system.   The information the online system requests right now is very basic.  The information needed is first name, last name, gender, membership type (standard (individual), additional family member, student).  (** The membership fee has been taken from your unit's bylaws.  If your fees have change, you need to update your bylaws right away).Though E-mail and cell number are optional, we strongly recommend that units collect atleast email addresses for increase communication.  There is not an option to upload information from an excel sheet at this time.   They will be working on that in Phase 2 but for right now it is not available.
Once a member is entered in the online system and they have an e-mail address listed, the system will generate a membership card.  You click on the eCard link and send the link via e-mail to the member.  If the member does not provide an e-mail or have access to a computer then the unit can print out the generated membership card and give it to the member.
* How will members find a unit's membership page?  Members can enter in their unit code.  It is critical for all units and its members know their unit code (18-_ _ _). You can also take the link which is unique to your unit and embed it in your webpage.  You can send the link to your members via e-mail.  Each unit has it's own QR code (these are the strange square shapes you see on products that you can scan with your phone and it takes you right to the website). Place this on membership flyers and have it at the membership table at events for parents to scan.
* There is NO OPTING OUT!   I asked this question specifically at the meeting and this is a direct quote from Sean Hannam, NYS PTA Membership Specialist:  If your unit has it's own online system you can keep using your system but you will have to enter the basic membership information into the NYS PTA membership system. I know it's double the work.  Once they get the ability to upload an excel sheet, it will get better but unfortunately right now this is what we have work with.
*District-wide PTAs will also have to track members and their schools separately.  In our Region, we only have a few District-wide PTAs so unfortunately these PTAs are in the minority.  We are hoping in time the system will be able to be more useful and accommodating for these types of units.  Again, we are trying in a very short amount of time to get this up and running.  Improvements will be coming.
* We will have our Region Summer Training on Tuesday, August 25th at White Plains High School, 550 North St, White Plains, NY 10605.  Registration and light refreshments begins at 6:00 p.m. with Meeting being at 6:30 p.m.  We are starting with a Membership overview for all officers since this is so new!  Please have members of your unit attend training.   There are 189 units and it would help to get as many units trained at one time as possible.
I can be contacted via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Email is the best and quickest way to reach me.  You can call/text me at 914-588-4248.  At work, my cell coverage is very spotty.  Please leave a message with specific questions.  I can sometimes quickly e-mail or text you from work.  I do not work for NYS PTA - I'm a volunteer just like you so I'm doing this on my own time.  Always tell me what unit you are from and the unit code so I can look up your unit's info on the NYS PTA database. This will save us all time so I'm looking at the correct information and giving you the correct information.  There are a bunch of schools with similar names like Edgemont or Edgewood.  It is easy to get units confused.
If you don't know your unit code, check your bylaws.   It is listed on the first page.   If you don't know where your bylaws are then e-mail me and we will figure out your unit code.
Thanks for your time and attention to this matter!  It is appreciated!
Melissa Cancro
Westchester East Putnam Region Membership Chair 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
914-588-4248 call/text

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